Heavy weight! Jiangsu saidile won the 4th

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  On October 28, the fourth China Construction door and window curtain wall industry award - "golden Xuan Award" award ceremony was held in Beijing! Jiangsu sedille Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has won two awards, namely, sadrile brand "improving new built-in shutter hollow glass" won the "technology R & D and innovation products" award, and Xiaomin, chairman of sedille group, won the award of "young people of innovation in the industry".

  At present, as a manufacturing enterprise of insulating glass with built-in sunshade blinds, saidile group has won the golden Xuan Award for two consecutive times.


△Trophies and certificates of "technology R & D innovative products" and "industry young innovative talents"

  The "Jinxuan Award" is held every two years in China's construction door, window and curtain wall industry. It aims to promote the healthy competition of the whole industry, encourage industry innovation, convey craftsmanship spirit, and explore the real technological innovation products and enterprises and individuals to promote the development of the industry. After eight years of hard work, Jinxuan award has now become a highly influential award in the construction door, window and curtain wall industry, with deep insight into the market development and business changes.

  Combined with experts' suggestions and the new trend of industry development, eight awards including "industry influential brand", "technology R & D innovative products" and "industry young innovative talents" were set up. According to statistics, a total of more than 400 candidates have been shortlisted, and the competition for each award is more fierce than that of previous ones. At the same time, on the premise of continuing the previous selection rules, this year's Jinxuan awards also set targeted voting methods and scoring weight rules according to different types of awards, making the selection results more fair and professional.

  On August 31, after three rounds of preliminary review by the formal review group, online voting and final review by the jury, 20 brands, 30 innovative products, 20 units, 10 innovative engineering application cases and 15 people finally stood out and won the award.


△"Technology R & D innovative products" award winning enterprises take the stage

  Taking customers as the core and providing customers with high-quality products and services has always been the concept and driving force of the development of cediler. With the rise of China's customized home power and the deepening of consumption upgrading, consumers' requirements for door and window customization are also gradually increasing. In this regard, Sidel actively embraces market changes, vigorously invests in product research and development, focuses on independent innovation, and has applied for more than 200 patents. In this year's Jinxuan award, the built-in sunshade shutter insulating glass, which won the "technology research and development innovation product" award, was developed by cedilar. It has super large size specifications, with an area of 6-10 square meters per piece, meeting the consumers' pursuit of large vision space for doors and windows.

 △"Saidile" brand inner shutter insulating glass


  At present, the company has developed the latest generation of "self supply and free power" built-in shutter insulating glass, which has won a number of national invention patents. The principle of self powered and non connected built-in louver insulating glass is: the solar photovoltaic panel is used to convert the solar energy into electric energy, and the power is continuously stored in the lithium battery receiver outside the glass, so as to control the transmission system in the glass cavity, and realize the expansion, retraction and dimming functions of the louver. The specific advantages are as follows:

1、 The installation and use of the product in the door and window engineering project, without the need to install and connect the power supply and circuit, is completely consistent with the insulating glass installation process, simple, convenient and fast, and will not cause circuit failure due to improper construction.

2、 The lithium battery can meet the demand of more than 2000 times of shutter lifting after being fully charged, and can be normally used for more than three months without sunlight, so as to solve users' worries about no sunlight in rainy days.

3、 The motor of this product can be installed inside the glass cavity or in the inner controller outside the cavity, and it can easily replace the faulty motor without breaking the shutter product, which solves the user's worry about the motor failure rate.

4、 The receiver of the product can be directly connected with remote control, mobile phone app, voice control, etc. it is the preferred energy-saving product for high-end residential quarters, hotels, office buildings and smart home.

5、 The product can make 6-10 square meters / piece of super large size built-in shutter insulating glass. The transmission mode can realize multi glass single control, multi glass simultaneous control and other functions. It is more intimate to use. It has the advantages of simple installation, fire and wind resistance, clean and beautiful, and does not affect the design style of the building facade. It is the best choice for our country to advocate "solar shading and energy saving measures for glass curtain wall".

△Award winning leaders of "industry young innovators" come on stage to receive awards

  2020 is an extraordinary year. The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has intensified the challenge of business development. Under the guidance of chairman Xiao Min, cedilar has continued to invest in innovation and enhance the soft and hard strength of the enterprise in the uncertainty, leading the enterprise to the road of sustainable and high-quality development. As a leading enterprise in the built-in sunshade shutter glass industry, cedilar has continuously led the development of the industry and stood out from 30 candidates for its achievements in industry and product innovation, Become one of the five winners of the "industry youth innovation talent" award!

△Xiao Min, chairman of saidile, won the title of "young innovator in the industry"


China's construction door and window curtain wall industry has entered a new period of "green and innovative". "Golden Pavilion Award" in the construction door and window curtain wall industry refers to the window, which means a main body "magnificent and sunny others", playing the name of "Jinxuan". It is hoped that the excellent door and window curtain wall enterprises can do their own business well, and have a positive impact and driving role on the whole industry.

After winning the "golden Xuan Award", sadrile will continue to focus on the business philosophy of "creating value with quality", based on its own R & D strength, make full use of the scale advantages and brand advantages, further improve the product quality, enrich product types and improve product grade, and launch new products and new materials. In the future, sedille will not forget to start with its original heart, actively explore the future mode of the industry, and repay the trust and support of customers with better products and better services.